More Flowers and Stuff

My brothers are the sweetest
and they would do anything they
could for me. 

Came home Thursday night and my youngest
brother was pressure washing my deck. 

And that had been what I was waiting for so that
I could put my stuff on the deck and start relaxing
out there. 

One end of the deck I put this set. 
I hung that window there last yr. 

This yr I added this rust window box I 
found in the burn brush pile at Chris'
house. Did not sand and paint cause
I love the rust look.

I added some potted plants to this
end after I took this pic.

Isn't this cute?

My window box again.
Read somewhere that you could
line them with that
a try to see how it holds up.

A little game for the kids.

I really like the window with the box.

Dakota could not wait for me to put
the cushion on the glider.

And if you wish to sit in the yard.

Front yard shade loving plants.

Added this the other day to the shed.

Cut he lemon balm back today,
it was as tall as my bushes.
There are about 5 Hydrainge bushes there.
Hoping they bloom pretty this yr.

Plus, in the pots I have tomato plants.

Sweet Potato vine.
Never grew this before but can't wait
to see how it does.

Had this metal thingy in the front
yard for yrs but I moved it to the
back today.


Moved my Larkspur from one spot to this spot
climbing up the baby spring trellis.
Hoping it will make it. Waited till after it had

Busy day planting today.
Weeded the flower bed with the bushes and 
the one around the mailbox. 

Tired...and going to bed.

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
Everything looks great Pam! I love that little area around the shed. Perfect!

Dakota looks quite at home on the glider.


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