Misfires Walk

Misfire -

My sis in laws horse was moved to Chris' house in November.
One of her pasture mates had moved and the other past
away. To keep Misfire from being lonely at the age of
21, 22 or whatever Chris let me move her to his place.

She took time to adjust but I think she likes where she is.
When I used to go near her with the harness she would
back away and run from me. Yesterday she let me put it
on her. It's a little large since I guessed at the size she would
need but I managed to put it on her....first time I have ever
put one on. Course I got her purple, my fav color when I got this

Once that was done, I grabbed a rope from the barn and
she followed me right out of the pasture. But I could tell she
was nervous, not sure of what I was going to do or where
I would take her.

We walked out into the yard. After a bit she calmed
down and started to eat the "grass that is greener
on the other side of the fence"! LOL....

I finally dropped the rope and off she went...walking
right back to the fence of the pasture.
Guess she decided she was not getting to far away.

The other horses in the pasture move to the fence to watch!
Like they did not want her to go anywhere.
After allowing her to eat a bit and hosing her down since
my niece, Paige said she loved, I walked her back to the pasture and
she followed me right in. Let me remove her gear and off she
Going to try this more and more. She just needs to get used
to someone paying attention to her all the time. My sis in law
and brother just did not have that time. Although since I have been
spending time with her I have learned that she loves to be rubbed
under the neck......
Such a sweet girl but really stubborn!
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