Jenn and Russ - April Wedding 2015

If you missed the last post
then let me catch you up.
This is my son and his wife
They married in May 2011.
Aren't they adorable?
Upon my arrival to Calif. for
their wedding I met one of Cory's
best friends...

Russ was also Cory's best friend.
Later to become known as
my other son.
Upon my last visit in 2013
to Calif. I met
Russ' love,

In April these two got
My son performed the ceremony.
He has been Ordained as an Officiate for
Just like Nicholas was when he married
Cory and Britney.

As a mom it seems strange to see my son doing this.
But so happy he could do it for Russ and Jenn.

And they are married.
Jenn does her dance!!

                                                                         These two

Now since I was unable to attend this wedding in
Calif. I have had to just enjoy the pictures....
which brings the next one to mind ~~~
Assuming this was after the wedding.
There you have the groom.
The chariot.
That would be Nicholas
pulling....yes, once again, that
would be my son, Cory!
He came by it all honestly!
I really do miss these folks...esp Cory
and Britney but I will be seeing them
in Aug.
DISCLAIMER - other than the first and top
pic I did not take these photos.
Thanks for stopping in,



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