Jen and Kyle - June Wedding 2014

Almost at year late in posting
a blog about this couple.
Disclaimer - Photo's are not mine.
I did not take these.
To start with, in 2011 this
month I flew to California
to attend this couples wedding.
This is my son Cory and his
beautiful wife, Britney.
That is where I met
this guy.
one of my son's best friends.  
And this is Jen, Kyle's wife.

I was not able to fly from TN to Calif.
to attend this wedding but I can tell by
a lot of the pics that it was a BLAST.
They had a Steampunk wedding.

The girls of the wedding.

The guys of the wedding.

That is my son being himself, silly with Kyle.
The robot is Nicholas.
He performed my son's wedding.
Not dressed like this though.
And this is Kyles best man...
No Disclaimer here...he is my handsome

Kyle and Jen have their first wedding
anniversary coming up in June.
Here's to best wishes for many
years to come.
Thanks for stopping in,


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