Happy 4th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
4 years ago today you
said I do!
Happy Anniversary!!
Let's look back and remember
that day.....
Such a beautiful couple.
Meet the guys that helped make
my son's day a special one.
The ladies that helped to make it special...
Britney with her mom and the ladies!
I actually spent more time with the
guys since Britney had her uncle
and family friend working with her.
These guys are the best.
The wedding with Nick doing the
marrying of the couple.
The group!
Gotta love the fun they were willing to have.

Check out Cory's face!! lol
I love this.
Another fav of mine.
Russ was giving the bestman speech!

And that speech brought tears to
Cory's eyes.
It's okay, mom was crying too.
And Britney's dad was giving his

I have photographed many weddings but
this had to be the most beautiful, and
not cause it was my son...
the colors just went so well

It was a beautiful day in Southern Calif
at a winery. Slight breeze,
sun not so bright, beauiful blue
sky and great people all around!
So thankful that I could be there
not only as the mom of the groom
but as a photographer.
Thankful that my son found such
an amazing woman to share is life
I love you both with all my heart
Britney and Cory.
Thanks for stopping in,



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