Goodwill Buys

There is a Goodwill not far
from where I work, I seem to 
find my better buys there.

Yep, I am not to fond of the pattern
on this pillow, but I did not purchase it for
the cover. I paid 2.99 for the pillow
which is a lot cheaper than buying a
ready made one to cover at the store.

Wash this baby, remove the cover....

and make a new cover out of this....
for 99 cents.

A knob.
glass and big.
49 cents.

Glass cookie jar.
This will be so cute when I finish with it.

3.99 for this lamp. Did not
plug it in to see if it worked, cause
I really don't need it to work.
It will make a great base for a small
flowerbed birdbath.

Picked up this light globe today also...
99 cents. 
The bath part of my birdbath.

Birdhouse church.
Have plans for this.

Check out this candle holder.
I love it....
going to arrange it somehow
in my flowerbed and with hope find
something to grow up it.

Another pretty for the flowerbed...
a metal type cage looking thingy...
actually a candle holder. 

Thinking I did pretty good today.
Looking forward to getting things out in the 
flowerbed or on my craft table
to play with.

Thanks for stopping in,


I love your flower bed ideas, Pam...great re-use projects! You are very creative! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, too!

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