House Sitting

Spent the weekend house/dog sitting this weekend
for my sis in law and brother.

And although I never have an issue house sitting, it is always
nice to get home to my house.
"There is No Place Like Home"..

Sat around the pond at their house yesterday.
So many fish that I thought about getting a pole and
trying my hand at fishing.....LOL..

Check out this big one.

Oh Ms Maggie was chilling on her back! Silly girl.

And Moose rolled over when he heard a voice mail to
him from my brother! lol

This is Ms. Lola.....She was playing around on her
bird gym.

But Dakota was a bit to interested in her.

And Lola kept wanting to try to get in the floor so I 
put her back in the cage before my dog decided to have
her for a snack.

Wonder what Dakota would have done if Lola had pecked

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