Another This, That and The Other

This pic was taken a year or so
ago but Dakota is hoping
that everyone had a great
Memorial Day.

Dakota wanting in...and I am 
not moving fast enough.

Out a bit with the camera on Sunday.
Stopped on the side of the road for
some pics.

Love Queen Anne's Lace.

Biggest "blower" I have seen
in a long time!

Check out this tree...
tree hugging tree
or would that be a tree huger?


Isn't he just adorable?
Si, he is so laid back, like
he had not care in the world.
Si is part pit and part husky.
Love those eyes.

Saw these in a tree on the side of the rode...
course they were calling my name.

Yep....I was enjoying these flowers.
So pretty.

Thanks for stopping in,


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