Wild Flower, Cottonball Sky and a Flowering Barn

Sunday I decided that I wanted to
play with the welder, so
I went through Chris' junk
pile and came 
up with a few parts
I thought would work.
Yep...that is me!

Photos above are not selfies...lol...
taken by Theresa Montgomery!
And here is the finished project.

Only....everyone keeps telling me I
need to paint it so I guess the
next step will be to sand,
prim and paint.
Sunday morning view
as I looked up from the
parking lot of Big Lots!
A cottonball sky!

If you follow my blog you will remember
this post a week or so ago...
My shed.

But look at this! So cool.
I was tagged on FB on this pic
because they had seen my shed.

Now that is a colorful barn!
Thanks for stopping in,


NOOO! Don't paint it!!! I would put that in my yard as is! It's awesome!
Thanks for sharing on Something to Talk About!

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