The Fuse Box Cover

I think I have been blessed with
some pretty good talents.
When I was younger I was knitting
and doing embroidery.
I went from that to doing needlepoint.
Then to cross stitch.
But I also dabble in different
kinds of crafts...
HENCE the reason my craft room
runs over!
One of the talents I like a lot is
I took art in the last two years of high school
and painted to pictures in acrylic paints but
then I never painted again.
I picked up some color pencils and started
drawing. My mom insisted
that I need to take a paint class.
Saying I would check into it, and
never did, my mom just happened
upon a woman that taught painting,
she lived a couple doors down
from my brother and the ball
started to roll.....
or would that be the brush started to paint.
I was 42 years old.
I have painted several things and sold them,
gave them away and I even have
a couple myself.
This is one of my favs...
It is a garden scene painted
on a fuse box cover!
So my oldest brother calls one night and wanted
to know if I could paint on this.
He took it off the wall and brought it to me.
When asked what he wanted he had no clue.
I think he was a tad surprised at what he got.
The washroom was then painted using the
peachy orange color in the painting.
When they moved a few yrs ago they
took this with them and it now hangs
like a painting on their bedroom wall.
I think this might be the most interesting
thing I have painted on.

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