Spring in Yellow - Forsythia Bushes

What a beautiful and sunny day in
Nashville today!
Fall is my fav time of the year, love the colors
but I have to say that spring with all the new
blooming out is next in line.
I love the bright yellow of Forsythia bushes.
Got these from my mom's yard the day before
yesterday just to bring the spring color into the
I have a starter from these bushes but mine is still
so young that it will probably be a couple more
years before it blooms.
Cool story behind mom's bushes. Years ago she
took a starter piece from my granddaddy's bush
in Georgia. From that she has spread her bushes
through her yard and the neighbor across the
street even has a nice size bush started from that
one piece mom got from granddaddy.
Now the really cool part to that is.....I now have
a starter from that first piece. It is like having a
part of my granddaddy in my yard! Makes the
fact that I love these bushes even more special.

You know telling about these bushes made me realize that
I have a few more plants that have started from other
starters that I will have to share. They don't have the special
meaning that the Forsythia do but they still carry a special
friendship with them......
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Gail Wilson said…
I love Forsythia plants. We don't have a single one in our neighborhood, but I remember them fondly from my childhood. I wonder if there are still some at my Nana's house. I should stop by there and ask for a "start". :)

ya got me thinkin'


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