Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse for Different Uses

Years ago....years!
My youngest brother got me
into recycling only cause
he was doing it and I saw the
advantage to it.
I was tossing plastic, metal, paper
and cardboard, and still do.....
unless I can find another use for it.
Here are some ideas
that I either pulled from
or I .....recycled!
cool, repurpose a magazine
rack for a pan holder!
Don't know about you but
I have more pans laying around
then I do magazines! 
Pulled this idea also from PINTEREST.
But with that said, I also used
a cup holder like this for the
same thing. I needed a resting
place for my bracelets.

Or use a cup holder in another
room of the house! Neat...
But when it came to my craftbrushes
I thought this would work best.
Now if once upon a time you used
to bowl and don't any longer....
but you have this ball that gets in the way
try this.
paint your bowling ball to look
like a lady bug!

Whisk it!
I mean risk it to use a whisk
for a hanging candle holder!

Now this is something I wished
I knew about as a younge
mom with two kids.
Cupcake pan in a basket
for those drinks that tend
to tilt and spill in the car!

Or maybe cupcake holders
for those little compartments
in the car.
Neat idea only I have way to
many earrings (make my own)...
But I like this look. Love
using kitchen stuff in other ways......

I did this arrangement for my door.
Idea also from PINTEREST.
Love this....
a rack in the house!
Easy grabbing that
glass for some wine.
Or maybe to hang tools on.
Or your necklaces.
This idea is all mine...
Several years ago I was looking
at things in the craft room
and saw this metal candle holder...
the glass cup sits in the metal part
but I did not have that so .....
it becomes
a plant stand!

I think I got this from PINTEREST too.

My idea also but I have seen on PINTEREST
since I did this a few years ago.
Wanted something cute
yet workable in the bath.
I found the cake stand at
GOODWILL for 1.99.
Works great.

Yay...look here, another
idea of mine.
Spice rack for my polish!
Up off the stand in the bathroom
and on the wall where it is
easy to see and find the color I want.

I think I saw some of these in a store
years ago so I went home and
produced my own using
childrens flip flops and
bamboo sticks.

Have not done this but I can
see where this would work in
a pantry or tall cabinet.
Tension rods for dividers.

Different way of using a cup
and forks.
Candle holder.

I would so do this if I kept
rolls of paper but
I perfer the bags!
Gift why did
I not think of those?
Someone made some money

Coffee can.
cut a hole in the lid
and stuff those plastic
bags in.
Or repurpose a piece of
wood I found at a yard
sale for less than a dollar.

Or better yet repurpose that
metal door that hides those ugly
fuses in the house!

Thanks for stopping in,


Thanks so much for stopping by!
Love all the recycling ideas!!

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