Potting Station -Project to Come

At my age
phyiscal health
in general doing
some of the things I used to
do and loved to do are no
Something as simple as
potting plants in pots can
be hard on me these days
so I have decided I need a
potting station.
I want one that hangs, I really
hate putting a lot of wood
in my yard sitting on the ground
for fear of drawing
keeps me going, and if I
need to locate a design for something
I can usually find it there...
I really liked this one.
Sturdy looking.
Pretty much already built.
This I saw this one..
I like that it has the shelves.

But I think this is the one I am going with.
Not a long as the one above, looks
sturdy and has shelves! Going to make
and mount to the back part of the shed.
Easy to pot standing up and yet the
station will be out of the way.
Thanks for stopping in,


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