Paintings of the Past

In yesterday's post I stated that
I did not learn to paint
or learn that I could paint until
I was 42 years old.
Just goes to show that you can
teach an old dog new tricks!
Actually painting is not learned
you have to have it in you to do
before you can learn to paint.
This painting was my very first
I gave it to my mom since she
is the one that "PUSHED"
me into taking a paint class.
Hard to tell in this pic but
you can see the wood grain in the
wooden fence and there is rust
on the bucket that is hanging
from a barbwire fence.
The sky consist of not just
white clouds, there is purple,
yellow and gray in them.
My 2nd oil painting.
Yep, after I started I realized that I might
have bitten off more than I needed
to for this to be my 2nd painting.
That rose bush was not easy....
My son, then 15 years old thought
this was the coolest painting.
I was recently going to put her
up for sale but I asked Cory first and
he let me know, even though she is not
his style. He wanted the painting.
She is still at my home but she is
for Cory to take whenever.
There is a veil over the lady's face.
I usually did not require help from my
teacher on paintings but I have to admit
that my teach painted the veil.

Not sure where this came in
on the count of what was painted where but
this was painted for my 1st grandsons room.
Picked up this cool shaped piece of
wood at a yard sale once.
So....I painted on it.
Thinking my donut turned out
yummy looking!

I spent a lot of time painting for gifts.
This hangs in my mom's kitchen.

And this hangs in her bedroom.

and yet another that hangs in
her den.

I painted this one from a picture that
a friend took in East Tn.

One of my all time favs!
Painted this to hang in my living room....
only to sell it once it was done.
Price was offered...I took it.
Although I do have a print of this
hanging in my living room.

Sold this one also.

Loved this adorable.
Sold it also.

As well as this one.

Gift to my friend Theresa.

This was painted for my daughter.

Grand Teton Mts
Painted for my younger brother.

Yet another one that my teacher has
some strokes in. The reflection
in the water is partly her work.
This hangs in my bath room.

My older brother has this piece.

My sis in law has this hanging in her

Sold this one.

Yes, another one my mom has.
Years ago in high school with acrylic
paints I painted a scene like this, the
same bridge for my mom. The bridge
is in her hometown. That painting
hung for over 20 yrs in her dining room
and was only replaced when I gave mom
my first oil (the first painting in the blog).
But I so wanted to replace the painting
with another of the bridge. This is it.

A gift.

A gift.

A cover to a CD I painted.

Painted this from a pic my brother took.
The pic and the painting used to hang
together in his house.

Painted for my niece Holly.
She loves WICKED.

My grandson's have the next
two paintings hanging in their room.

The beach....

On a cabinet door.

Another fav of mine. Sis in law
bought this to give to her mom.

Still have this one.

This is a pic I took when Caleb, now
14 was sitting at my work desk.

This is the painting from that pic.

One and only painting I have done of someone...
Thanks for stopping in,


chateau chic said…
You are an incredibly talented artist! I enjoyed viewing your paintings, Pam.
Mary Alice
Lorelai said…
Love this! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - We hope to see you again soon! The door is OPEN!
Life With Lorelai

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