My home is built strangely.
The linen closet is downstairs
but there is not one upstairs 
where the bedrooms are.
So I decided I needed something

A redesigned chest of drawers seemed
to be the answer! Posted about this
about a month ago.... But what to
put on top for design???

Came up with this....

I had the window in the shed, picked
up the wreath at Hobby a Lobby, and 
got the yellow flowers from JoAnns 
for 1.50 each stalk. I have four in this 
vase, oh yes, vase on hand.

Thanks for stopping in,


LL Farm said…
That chest is beautiful! Loving that window frame also!
Lori from LL Farm
I'm so in love with the teal color on the window. So beautiful! Especially with the yellow flowers in front.

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