PINTEREST Idea's for the Home

is just around the
less than 5 months.

And I have projects planned out
to work on after that date.

I want to do this going up the stairs
on the wall.

and this at the base of the stairs...
maybe not so high up though.
I am also thinking of
doing it in the kitchen.

But this is what I really can't wait to
get to.
Pallets on one wall in my

I have a door like this to my pantry.
and this site explains how
to turn it into french doors.
Kitchen pantry.

Hoping to do this to my

I am always looking for
spaces for storage...
I would love to build this
in my up stairs bath.

Although this wash room
looks great, my washer
and dryer is in a closet so
this will not be taking place but...
I do want to hang a cabinet like 
this above the washer and dryer.

And this for my kitchen!
I love these little shelves on the
cabinets, my grandmother's
cabinets had these and I loved
them while I was growing up.

Well, that is just a taste of what I want
to do after I retire.
Don't believe me, check me
on PINTEREST and all I have

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
FIVE months? that is so awesome Pam!

You have some great projects on your list.

so happy for you to be able to tackle those this year.


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