Ninja Turtles

Oh my gosh, I had the best time painting today.
I was actually holding a class for one friend who
is wanting to learn so I finished up some paintings
I recently started!

Yes, I said paintings.....
I actually paint in oils but from time to time I like
to use acrylic paints, and paint a simple painting that
I call my Kindergarten paintings..
You know....SIMPLE.

These are for my great nephew who just turned 4.

Introducing the

I posted the pics that I was going to paint
from on Facebook and said that was going
to be my next paint project just for

Then my sis in law said my great nephew
would love these..
BINGO birthday gift.

Then I got two orders.
My son at 27 yrs of age
wanted a set and today
I took an order for another 

Loved painting these.

Thanks for stopping in,


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