Wizard of Oz Collection - Part 2

The other night I posted about what
my brother Mark and sis in law
Kim gave me for my birthday.

Tonight's post will show
you the rest of my 

A metal poster that my
brother Mark gave me
several years ago.

These little dolls came from 
Happy Meals. 

My mother picked this book
up at a yard sale.
And yes, I read it.

I have had this for over
20 years.
Holds Solo cups.

Unopened version of 
The Wizard of Oz.
My children gave
me this over 20 years ago
Christmas one year.

Even my friends jump in with gifts
of Oz.

Sink Strainer.
Thanks Theresa.

The top of the strainer.


Another magnet.

Toto in his basket!
On my 50th bday the 
fantastic group I worked
with gave me this...

and a great Oz birthday.

My niece Holly got me this.
I think it came from New York?
Thanks Holly.

Another book mom picked up
at a yard sale.

A cardboard frame.

These are plastic rings.
They were on my 50th birthday cake.

Another magnet.

A card.

My son got me this in Julian Calif. 
two years ago when I was out there
for a visit.

The card the group gave me for my
50th birthday.



Card from Holly.

About 30 years ago Krystal's offered
these with a large drink and $1.99.
Yep, I had to get them all.

My mom got me these one year for
either my birthday or Christmas.

Bradford Exchange plates that
play music.

A print.

TV Guide.
I did not manage to get them all.

Cute game. 
Find the hidden Oz objects.

The hidden objects game and
the sucker 
also came from the folks
I worked with.

From a sweet friend
Aren't they cute?

Sis in law Kim got me this

and this bobble head for
taking care of their dog
when they went out of town.

That is it!
Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping in,


Wow, what a collection you have. I think I saw this movie more times than any other.

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