Outside Lamp

A year ago I posted a pic of this beautiful piece.
I love this piece and thanks to my brother Mark
for giving it to me. 

I had thoughts on what I wanted to do with this but
was not sure on how to pull it off. Thanks to Chris for
coming up with a great idea to attach the light I bought 
to it. 

Here Chris is drilling a hole in the top to help attach the 
piece he made to hold the light in place.

This will work just great.

Here is the piece Chris made. It will fit right down into the pole.

This is how that will fit together.

Then the lamp part will slip right down into that metal piece. 
Here it is right before priming after I had sanded it down. 


Love this piece that fits over the spray paint can to help

In the process of being painted black.

And with that said....I finished the painting today.
Just waiting to wire it up and install the lamp.
That will be a next weekend project so come back and
check out the finished project.

Thanks for stopping in,


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