Wizard of Oz Collection - #1

My friends and family know that I love the Wizard of Oz.
My favorite movie of all times. 

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago but my brother
and sis in law were out of town so they took me to dinner
tonight for my birthday.

Dinner and company was great. I so enjoy spending time
with Mark and Kim. 

My gift makes a great added addition to my collection.

Wizard of Oz magnets. 

And I love this. They picked this up in an antique shop in Knoxville.
Two birthday cards - framed. 

Thanks Kim, Mark and Holly for my gift. They have now been added
to my collection.

I will show more of that in the next couple of post.

Thanks for stopping in,


Did I miss your birthday? In case I did--Happy Belated Birthday.
(I think I remember you posting about it, but this old brain can't remember)

fun gifts for an OZ collector!


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