Halloween Party - Nov 1.

Halloween I went to work
as Ms. Peacock, with the
candlestick in the library.
But Sat. night I went to a party
as a Modern Vampire.
Chris biting my neck.
One of Chris' oldest and best friends,
Neal and his girlfriend, Jennifer.
Jack Sparrow and his wench.

Another oldest and best, Tracy.

Tracy and his wife Nelta.
He was a voodoo preist and she
was a china doll.

Treva's bunch!
That is Treva as Bonnie,
hubby behind  her as Clyde.
Neal and Jennifer in the back.
The girls and the other voodoo
preist are Treva and Neal's
(married once) children. The
dark headed woman in the middle
is a friend who sang a couple
of songs, what an amazing voice.

No clue who  this is but
he was suppose to be Kid Rock.

The Queen of Hearts.
Her hubby was a card dealer.

No clue but he was rocking the daisy

The lady hosting the party, Teresa
and Chris.

Bonnie and Clyde again.

Hippy and Doc.

Voodoo Preist.

Pregnant Prom Queen.

Two firepits going. Lots of
food and great fun.
thanks for stopping in,


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