Fall in Nashville, Tennessee and Fall in California

Okay, so I know the title of
this post must throw you some but
at the end you will understand!
I LOVE FALL....esp here
in Middle Tn, esp when the trees
are at their peak.
With the rain this yr they
were very vibrate in their color.
The reds have been amazing.

So have the yellows.

And orange.

One of my favorite shots for this yr.
Caught this one by mistake.
Stopped to shoot the yellow
tree and I moved just a hair,
the sun popped through and
it made for this great shot.

A couple of weeks ago right before
the peak I started picking up
different color and types
of leaves.
This is just some.....

And with the aid of an envelope like

I was able to mail, thanks to the US Postal
Service, those leaves I collected to California,
to my son, Cory.
A few before that my son told me that he missed
the fall in TN....
with that, I decided to send him
some FALL!
Upon opening the envelope Cory
yelled to his wife, Britney,
to come into the room....
Upon her entering, Cory turns the
envelope up and yells, look
its FALL!......while
dumping the leaves everywhere!
Hearing about that made my heart
really happy knowing
I was able to send them
Thanks for stopping in,


Pam, Your story just melted my heart. First off those colors and the leaves...so insanely jealous as a California girl living in LA. And the fact you sent them to your son is the sweetest thing. Keep being the best mom in the wold! I hope you are able to make it to the Hot Air Ballon Fiesta in your retirement. Thanks for stopping by HWTF

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