Admin Work Conference

Last Wednesday I traveled
to Gatlinburg for our Administrative
Assistance Conference.
Learned a lot of neat and interesting
things from other units during the conf. and
some interesting things from Great West
about out 401K's.
But the evenings after work hours
are what is really fun.
After arriving in Gatlinburg
and sitting in on a round table
talk all of us as a group
went to the Applewood Resturant
for dinner.
It was so yummy.
Apple Fritter and an apple juice drink.

That evening after dinner in my hotel room.

The lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn.

Loved the lights in the lobby.

Was so amazed that there was still
color on the trees since at home,
we no longer have many leaves hanging.

After a full day of sitting in a conference a
few of us headed to the new Alpine
Roller Coaster. was cold and sleeting which
I think made the bob sled like cars
fly that much faster!

The next two pics were pulled from
their web site.

Then an evening of shopping with


And Andrea.

cool shot.

The streets in Gatlinburg and Piegon Forge
were decorated and looking so

In a store.

This shall be me soon...

Paula Deen Store.

Cute Christmas ornament.

another store..

Now we are talking....

13 flavors...
and yes, I tried a shot of all.
100 proof is a killer,
80 proof ruined those beautiful
cherries...but the blackberry, apple
pie and peach was good, they are only 40 proof.
Along with those being good there was
Big Orange, pumpkin pie and pineapple.
The best was a cream based for the
holidays only -
Shine Nog.
Yep, that tasted great.
Could not taste the moonshine.


This car was once used to run moonshine.

The distrillery.
This sets on the spot of what once was
a real moonshine illegal still.

Time to eat before calling it at night.

Cindy reading a text.

Cindy, Andrea, and I.

The morning of the last day for the conference.
Me on the left, Kathy, Andrea, and

On the way out of town.

But before making it to the interstate
we had to stop at Tanger Mall for
(lol, I am not a shopper).
But I did go in Kirklands.
Christmas is all around us.

Check out cameras.

Course I had to pose with one.

Magic Image glasses...
not sure what was magic about them.

Cool Christmas ornaments.

and right down from Kirklands was the
fudge shop..
I went in.
I stood there.
I smelled.
I left!

But a bit further down the road we
stopped at Russell Stovers!
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
Gatlinburg? What a great place to attend a conference!

great pics, y'all sure had a fun time!


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