This, That and the Other

Over the last couple of months,
Chris's flag has been taking a beating.
He was wanting to replace it but
the ones he found all said they
were made in China.
But I found one at Dollar General
for $10.00
made in the USA!

One of the sweetest friends on FB
wanted my address, she had a small
clown she wanted to send me since
I love clowns.
When I got home Thursday I had
a box waiting on me and here
is what was in it.
Not one, but three.
Thanks Mikie!

Mom had a yard sale this weekend.
I went over Sat. to work it with her and I
am learning that yard sales are almost
a thing of the past...
but as I worked the sale I walked around the
garage between people coming and I
found this stored away!
Handmade ashtray that I made in
high school, 11th grade in art!
To funny, have not thought of this
in yrs.
Made it 37 years ago..

yep, mom said take it with you and
I did!
Hanging at Chris' Sunday and I happened
to look out the back door to see that
Clover (born 3/17/2014)
was out of the fence.
I went out and checked
the gates and they were all
closed and locked off....
Guess she decided the grass on
the other side of the fence was
so she jumped the fence!
She was chowing down on that
fresh green grass.

I sat down outside and just let her
nibble around for a bit.
Dakota, my dog was curled up
in the chair next to me and
Leonard just decided
to take a nap...
right at my feet like a large dog
would do!

So funny.
Thanks for stopping in,


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