I love to get on PINTEREST
in the quote section
and read some of the cute and silly
Being a Wizard of Oz fan I loved
this one.
LOL....I laughed out loud when I
read this one, cause I can never
get both sides to look the same!


Being a photographer I love
this saying.

Oh my goodness if you could
have seen my 3rd bedroom that
I use as a craft room.
I had been going to Goodwill
and finding things I could
make great crafts with...
but I was down with my
fibromyalgia for
over a year and
crafting was far from
my mind....
so I bought and
it stacked up...
moving out into the hall almost.

Using the Yellow Brick Road to meet

And another fav. Sure do
wish I could try this one

Thanks for stopping in,


So many fun ones! I especially like the camera one...too funny :) Thanks for stopping by blog and for all of your sweet comments!

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