My Boys

My boys-
my grandson's!
Caleb just turned 14....yes
he has the teen attitude.
I guess we all did at that age.
He is my go with the flow grandson.
He takes life as it is and he just goes with
it unless of course it is something he wants
then he will argue with you.
Caleb in general is easy going but like
all teens he wants to do what he wants to do.
He is very smart but like his mom was, he don't
always use those smarts. He is funny and
to this day, a nana's boy. His eyes will light
up when he is happy or when he laughs.
DJ is my middle grandson. He is my frowner.
He don't smile often.
He has never been a hugging and kissing
sort of boy. He has always been a momma's
boy. He likes to have his way with the younger
child but finds that Braden will not stand
for it. DJ has really come out of his
shell since he started school last yr in
pre school. He is very smart and loves
to do his homework.

Then there is this child!
He is the lover. He very free with his
hugs and kisses!
He stands up for himself.
And he goes full force into anything.
He is not afraid of anything at all.
He smiles all the time.

All three are so different. They have their
own personalities for sure.
But Nana loves them all.
Thanks for dropping in,


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