I feel so loved!

I am so blessed to have the people I have
in my life.
Blessed that I have my mom to always
be there when I need her.
Blessed to have great brothers that
would do anything for me.
Blessed to have my kids,
grandsons, nieces and nephews.
Blessed to have Dakota!
Blessed with amazing friends.
Blessed that Chris has come
into my life.
And really blessed to have the
perfect ladies that my brothers
My younger brother, Mark married
Kim is so sweet and have the biggest
They have been together since
high school and so perfect
for each other.
Back in the spring Kim, knowing
I love the Wizard of Oz invited
me to join her and my niece
Holly to go the musical
when it came to town.
She not only invited me, you
bought my ticket.
I read the book, was not sure I would
like the play but I was so excited
to go.
It ended up being a girls night out
with both sis in laws and two nieces!
I had an amazing time.

Thank you ever so much Kim for that night.
Then there is my sis in law, Lori.
Married to my older brother Ray.
About five yrs ago Lori, out of the blue
decided to make a quilt. I think she
really liked doing it cause she kept
right on going.
Last night I went to visit and was
surprised to be handed an amazing,
from the heart...and hands
A handmade quilt.
In my fav color...
with the center having one
of my fav things!


Isn't it beautiful?
I stopped by Chris' house on my way home
to show him my quilt.
Chris' mom was there, she just
returned Friday from vacation and
to my surprise brought me a gift.
She knows I love Christmas...
An ornament from New Orleans!
I love it.
Thank you Kim,
Mrs. Hentz
for being in my
I feel so loved!
Thanks for stopping in,


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