Halloween Outfits Through The Years

I am so like a kid at Halloween!
I love Halloween!
And even more
I love to dress up
for Halloween!
Years and years ago my friend Julie's mom had
a Halloween Party.
I went as Dolly!
I really should have been a bit
heavier with the makeup.
I love Dolly too.
Then my friend Barb and I had a Halloween
party when the kids were young.
I went all Witchy that year!

Working for the state of Tennessee in
(see the state seal?)
I was a gyspy.

Also once with the State (sitll in printing) I became
all Witchy again!

But my favorite outfit has always
been a clown.

Still with the state (my whole life),
But no longer with Printing,
with the TBI in Medicaid
Back to the standard outfit.
And yet...another year with Medicaid.

Then last year in another unit with
The TBI...
the group was from the Menion
Yes, that is me in the pink shirt!
This year....
I will be dressing up for my last year
as a state of Tn employee.
I have put in 32 years so now
it is time (I think it is anyway)
to move on.
I will actually be dressing on Halloween,
a Friday and coming to work in
one outfit but
the next day I will
be attending a party
and I will be dressing in another
Will post pics later.
Thanks for stopping in,


Fun costumes! Have fun :)

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