Adorable Photo Shoot - Kelley's Grandkids at Pumpkin Hill

Kelley, my hairstylist hired me
to photograph her
grandchildren at Pumpkin
Hill outside of Nashville.
I had so much fun. I have never
photographed four children under
the age of four before and
did not really know how well they
would do..
they were GREAT!
This is Cannon on the left, Harley in the
middle and Kyler on the right.
Yes, Kyler was a mess...I loved it.

Kyler on the tractor!

The woman is Kyler and Harley's mom.
The man is Cannon's dad.
They are a couple
and that is their children.

The blonde girl added to this
pic is Kylee.

Brother and sis.

Bad to the ham again!

I asked them to give me a funny face!

Kelley in the center and her two daughters.

Daughter and her boyfriend.

Kelley and hubby.

We took pics and then took a ride
on a hayride.
On the way back to the barn it
was feeding time for the cows.
A truck was headed out to feed them and
they knew where they needed to be.
Except this one. He moved off away from the group
and started following the back on the
trailer we were on.

It was a nice day. I had a blast with Kelley
and her family. The kids were great.
I also wish to add that while in the process
of getting of the trailer floor to get off
little Ms. Harley came and grabbed my arm
and said, "I will help you up"!
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