Project Update, The Boys, Water Challenge

I posted a pic of the finished
the other day.
At least I thought it was finished
until I looked at it again and
decided it was dull looking...
So I just added some stuff.
I like it better now.
Saturday I got two of my grandson's
for the afternoon and night.
My oldest and youngest
stayed with me.
The middle one went to the
other granny's house.
I took them to Chris' house.
They have never met Chris or been
to his place.
I wished I had a video camera on when
Caleb first saw Arnold.
It was great!
This is Caleb meeting Arnold.

Braden is not sure about Arnold
but it don't take him long to adjust.
He is not afraid of anything.

As you can see while he feeds them

And there is Arnold again wanting a treat.

Leonard is closing in for a treat here and Braden
is just fine with it!

Caleb stood a bit further away to feed
Maybelline...but he was out there
feeding them also.

Then they wanted to check out the horses
in the pasture.
Clover being the youngest, born March 17,
was right there to greet the boys.

Caleb loves horses but when he was Braden's
age and up until about 3 yrs ago he was not that
way, he was afraid of them.

Chris came into the pasture to visit with
the boys and offered for Braden to ride.
Nibbles was all to happy to help out.

And big brother Caleb stayed close.

Braden loved it.

Of all things, after that Braden wanted
to ride a
And with Wilbur being so close he got
elected to be the one that Braden rode!

He got to ride a good ways with Chris running
to hold him on.
Braden sitting on a four wheeler.

Since all the go carts seem to be down Chris
said the boys could ride lawn mowers...
Caleb enjoyed this, he was not keen on
riding a pig!

Lets discuss which way we are

Somewhere in the front yard, away from the
camera, Chris and Caleb switched up since
the zero turn goes faster and Braden loved
his view from where he was!

After all the riding we walked to the pond.
First Caleb was skipping rocks but since
Braden kept throwing in big rocks,
Caleb decided to do it to.
They were making a big splash!

At one point Braden reached down
to get a rock and stopped...
it was not a rock it was a box

Braden was getting such big rocks that
he was having a hard time
throwing them in the pond.

With the rock throwing done we
went up the big hill.
I have never ventured off to do
this....Caleb and Braden, being so young
and having a ride had no issues.

Chris and I had to stop several times! lol
But with encouragement I was able to make it.
Thanks Caleb for standing at the top
talking Nana into getting up the hill with,
"come on Nana, you can do it".
And a view of the place from the hill.

One day last week the TBI (where I work) was
challenged by the Dept. of Corrections to
the ice bucket challenge.
Being they only had about 20 people we
as a team and family came out to meet the
challenge and help the cause, ALS
Check us out on line (youtube).
PS...I did get wet although, since I had done the
challenge before, along with others, we elected
to pour it on our boss!
That is me, left side, dark blue bucket, black
shirt and jeans....bumping on my boss.
Thanks for stopping in,


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