Crafts for the Week - On A Roll

Earlier this week I showed
you the candy dish I
made for my desk at
work. Made of course from
a clay pot and paint.
I think it turned out adorable!
The same night I worked on the pumpkin
candy dish I started something to hang
on the door.
And last night I finished it.
I also started on another project
another night this week and
finsihed it last night.
A smaller cabinet door.
and furniture tacks!

And the finished project is something
to hang my earrings on!
Might should have put five chains
up cause it is about full!

Sometime back I showed how I keep
my bracelets...
a coffee cup rack.

And several years ago I made this
for my necklaces.

Three small projects in a week....
if I can just keep it up. lol
Thanks for stoping in,


all great projects Pam! Love the repurposed stuff...and I'm so NOT ready for fall... I mean I am ready for it to get here, but I haven't thought much about it as it's been too darn hot!

keep it up! I want to see more.


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