Christmas Ornaments to Tic Tac Toe

So glad that I feel like
crafting again.
I worked on the boys (grandsons)
Christmas ornaments a couple
of weeks ago and finished
them today.
I bought the wooden letters
at Hobby Lobby and
painted Christmas lights on them.
But then I decided they needed
more so I bought the wooden
round ornament at Walmart
and using my E6000
I attached them together.
Every year my grandson get a
special ornament made or bought
by me for them.
A tradition that I hope they
care with them all their lives.
I took a stepping stone.
Soaked it in blench overnight
but it would not remove the rust...
That's okay, looks cool
like that.
Painted on lines,
and painted rocks to
make this tic tac toe
I will need to seal it to protect
the paint but I plan on
placing it on the table on the
deck next year.

My projects for today.
Thanks for stopping in,


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