Painting Projects - Photo Props

Good Morning!
I worked on a couple of
painting projects yesterday.
These items I use from time to time
as photo props in my photo shoots.
They are awesome sitting out in a field
of flowers or weeds and the subject
sitting on them.
I got this chair at a yard sale years ago.
I have been pleased using this chair
with the white splatter of
paint on it here and there, but
I decided it was time for change.
And now the frame is a bright red.

Next will be to decide what I
should use to cover the cushion seat.
Black/white, a pattern, solid, blue???
Just not sure yet.
The next paint project was
a stool I also use during
photo sessions.
I always forget to take a before shot!
So I will share a peek at it from
one of the photo shoots.
This is Abby and she was such
a sweetie to work with.
Oh okay, to get on with the stool...
this is the before.
                                                         and this is the finished project.

Thinking this will really add color and
pop when sitting out in a field.
Can't wait to use them now.
Thanks for stopping in,


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