My Yard - Spring to July - Part 2

I picked this glass ball up at Goodwill
for 99 cents (I think) and had no clue
what I would do with it.
But then a thought came to me...
I had this candle holder on the front
porch (clay pots sat nicely in it).

It was a simple thing to do...

And look how nice it looks sitting
in the flower bed.


I picked up the wire egg basket at Goodwill also.

A lady I went to school with lives
up the street from me, her hubby does
all the flower planting. I took him
some hosta and he gave me this.

A look out the spare bedroom window.
Love my Crete Myrtle bush in bloom..
The only problem with where it is at,
the deck is right under it and when the blooms
fall it is such a mess.

Check out this piece. Years ago my brother
Mark found it in the trash. He put it in my
mom's yard sale and I grabbed it up.
I thought it made cool yard art.
I am working on a flower bed for the fall and
next spring right in that spot, I will position
the yard art in the flowerbed.

Entrance to the front porch.

The backyard...
I am going to have the swing taken down
before it falls. I put that together
about 10 yrs ago for my grandson and
parts of it have rusted out.

No clue what the real name is for this
plant. I call it a House Leek. This one
blooms pink about two weeks before
we have our first cool snap in Nashville.

I picked this House Leeks up last fall.
It blooms a cool dark rust color.

Flowerbed that I threw together really fast
so that I could get the plants in it that someone
had given me.
Its not really doing so well, I think it is
not getting enough sun.

One of my fav plants.
My Yucca.
Early spring getting close to blooming.

It's getting there.

In full bloom.
Couple days later a heavy rain took the
blooms off.

I was going to put hen and chickens in here
but instead I decided to see how regular plants
would do....going great.

These two pails came from Goodwill.
They make great pots and add
a nice color plus design.

My very first of all times, cone flower.
I owe a thanks to Deane for this one.
Just starting to bloom.

And in FULL bloom.
Love it.

Of course I got this at Goodwill also.
I think I gave 1.99 for it but it
looks cool climbing up the tree.

Dollar store buy. Been around the yard
for several years.

I love this new throw together bed at the
front porch.

I am not a gnome fan but there is a cute story
to gnomes and I had to have this one is in
honor of my son.
He lives in La Mesa Calif. and next
door to him a couple has a bunch of gnomes
in the yard. Cory was working late
hours and every night he came in late
he would move the gnomes a few inches
towards the house. This went on and on
till one day they were back in the correct
spot. A few weeks later Cory
started it again. Recently the
neighbors removed the gnomes.
Since Cory was due to come home
his week I had to have a gnome in the yard.
Due to a job change and my daughter in law
being sick they were unable to make the trip
but Cory was sent a pic of this guy.

Floweres are bigger in the pots
and I have moved them around some.

My house plant that comes to the deck
during the summer months.
Broken clay pot to add something
to the bed.
Another house plant brought to the deck.
The Mother In Laws Tongue was
given to me by my mother in law...
LOL...find the humor there?
Anyway, that was about 25 yrs ago
and it is till hanging in with me which
is a great thing since house plants
don't usually make it long around
The other plant I have had for a
long time also. When I took it to the
deck this spring, that plant was not
laying on the ground.

Well that is it for now.
Thanks for stopping in,


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