Feeding Brothers Dog

If you have been reading my blog for
awhile then you know I am the
"dog feeder"
"house sitter"
This time I was feeding my brothers
dog Dinky. Now keep in mind
Dinky was once upon a time a stray.
He wondered up to Mark's house, he
was dirty and he stunk.
Mark called him Stinky.
As Stinky hung around
he finally became Dinky.
Dinky don't like anyone but Mark, Kim
and my neice Holly.
I have been allowed to pet him twice
in the last couple of years because
he looked at me as he savior.
He thought I would let him in
the house where he normally stays
until vacation time.

Dinky has a nice set up under the trees, a
fenced in pen and dog house but
he is not crazy about thunder or
fireworks and he always finds a way out.

And this one day he was out waiting on
me. But cause Dinky don't like anyone
I am scared of him, but this day he
came up to me.
Anyway, Dinky and I are working on
our relationship...
We will get there.

I love to walk around my brothers yard.
He has the coolest things just sitting around.
I loved this.

The top of it was even cooler.

This, I have no clue about....lol
Hanging on his shed.

Also hanging there is a collection of dishes...
I have one on the house if he wants to come and
get it! lol

This caught my eye....wow, to cool.

And this is neat.

Along with this.

Collection? Not sure, Mark
don't golf!

View when pulling out of the driveway....

Thanks for stopping in,


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