The Yard - Again

Can't remember it I showed this
little simple project before or
if not, good!
If so, ignore!
I got this iron piece at Goodwill
for 2.99. Nice and heavy
piece. My first thoughts
were to attach a small bowl
and fill with birdseed.
Well, that thought left as fast
as it came to me!
A problem I seem to
Anyway, hung it outside on my shepards
hook and with E6000 I attached
an outside solar light.
Looks great out by the shed.

Yucca plant.
Wanted one of these forever and
about 20 yrs ago a woman I
worked with brought me one from
her yard. I love it.
About to start blooming.

Then it is in full bloom..

Until the rain last night and there were NO
blooms left on it.
Hosta is about to start blooming also.
I have had hosta that I brought from
my other house planted in this
yard for 22 yrs. I thin them out
every so often and give them away.
Now I am spreading them around the yard.
In full bloom, my day lilies.

Planted ivy and creep jenny
in this pot to sat in the cage for
another effect. Also hanging on
a shepards hook and standing
in the mist of my hydrainageas!
Starts hanging down more it
will look so cool.

The front porch.
I need to sweep it clean!
Oh well, can't do it all.

Thanks for stopping in,


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