The Weekend

Not a good pic of Chris since I
was shooting from inside and the
sun was behind his back..
But this is him checking out
a mower the is fixing.
This baby is Clover.
Such a sweetie.
Just a couple of weeks ago the
dark was only around the eyes.
She is losing he baby hair and the dark
is the color she will be.

Can't wait to see her coloring all over
when she turns.

I shot a wedding Saturday night.
Gwen and Danny.
I have known Danny since I was in
elementry school even though
he was a couple yrs younger
than I. His sister Janet
was my age, that is how I met
I have seen him around and about
but I have not seen Janet since
we graduated in 1978.
36 years!
and she looked as beautiful as
she did back then.
These pics were shot with
the cell, I will start to
edit the shoot this evening after
This was girls dance!

It finally picked up and more and more
ladies joined on the floor.

A center piece on the table.

More shots to come later this
Thanks for stopping in,


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