I love Horses

I love horses.
Only been riding once in my
life and that was before, I was 20 yrs old.
I have been on the back of a 16 hand horses
but my niece held the reins and walked
Not riding does not change the fact
that I think they are smart, and beautiful...
These pics were taken at my boyfriends
house. He has a barn that he rents
out to a man for boarding.
Not sure which horse this is...
I have yet to learn them all.

Swatting at flys!

This is Nibbles.
His back either was itching or
he was showing off!

He is adorable.

And I have had Buck in my blog before.
His mom rents a stall at the barn.
He has never been riden, he is about 2
yrs old.
And a beauty!
Look at that stand. 
Cocking his head.

And showing off.

I love this pic. Rusty is the dog of the guy
that rents a house from Chris. Him and
Buck have formed a friendship!

Now isn't that just so cute!
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