Traveling SPIDER

My younger brothers vision is so amazing in
what he can make from scrap metal and
make some really cool stuff.
When I first took up oil painting he
made me this...
A scrap metal person sitting at
an easel painting.
Love how he took a magazine pic
and put in on the easel.

Now is that not cool?

I also have this that he made for my
birthday one year.

The vision is so strong!
He has made other things also, like a
spider that I posted once on facebook.
My son's best man, my son by another
mother loved it and wanted one.
I asked Mark could he make me one to
take to California last July when I went.
He happened to have one of hand so I
packed it up with stuff for my son Cory and
his wife Britney to carry along with me.
I get tagged in photos that Russ takes
when he goes places and carry's the
This one was taken while out hiking at
Cows Mt. in Calif.
This at Woodson.
Oh my gosh, he is braver than me when
it comes to get that right shot!

Well the SPIDER, Russ and his soon to wife
Jenn took off on another adventure...
Oahu, Hawaii

On a pirate cool.

Not sure who this is but I love that
Russ gets others involved!

This guy was from TX. and the
lady was from Sweden.

Russ and Jenn are posting pics of other
things while in Hawaii and I can tell
they are having an amazing time.
Thanks for including me on your trip!
Thanks for stopping by,


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