Hodge Podge of Things from this Week

Sunday while working in the yard
I would take a break here and
there to keep from wearing
down to fast...
This was a nice nasty drink while
Orange and strawberry tea.
Monday was an iffy day all around.
Storms and tornado warnings.
This was while leaving work and
trying to beat the storms home.
With luck we were not hit bad
in Nashville but Mississippi
and Alabama took hits really bad.

At home just waiting to see what takes
place in the way of the storms.
I will tell you that there was a lot
of noise, thundering type noise
and The KING was not
happy. I was trying to paint and
he was pushed up so tight to me
it was hard to do what I wanted to do.

Looking to the window cause of the
thunder, he was not going
to go look out, he was to afraid.

Storms have past...
and he is now on his end of the

I went to Big Lots the other night
just mainly to get out and not sit
at home and I found these.

Awesome...in my fav color also.
I work in a office that is wide open
with about 40 folks and it
can get loud in there.
There are some days I can take it
all but others I just can't.
I usually put my earphones in and
the music up but they were just
the regular ear buds so they did not
cancel out noise.
These DO!
Look what I ran across the other night.

Can't remember what child, son or daughter
gave this to me but I had forgotten all
about it.
There again, wearing my color shirt!
Thanks for stopping in,


ANNE said…
I'm glad you didn't have worse weather than you did! Tornadoes are so scary.

Your pup is adorable (and now I want to try some of that tea too!!)

Have a lovely weekend!


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