End of the Day Gone to the PIGS....Goats, Chickens, Horses

A facebook friend of mine has this cute
little farm. I am not sure that Chris and
I have ever met, we went to the same
school, I think he is a couple of years
younger than I am but we became friends
basically cause I knew his brother and
he went to DuPont.
We have chatted some on facebook and
he invited me out to the Farm to
meet the pets!
The biggest pet of all was this
He is so big the skin around his eyes
has them almost closed.

This is Covergirl...
isn't she pretty?

All the pets have names, I
just don't remember them all!

This little girl came up with her
owners in a truck.

The field was beautiful..
Love the yellow.

Chris rents his barn out to a man that
takes care of boarded horses.
This is only one.

And another one.

Shot of the field again.

I love rust. I love the look of rust
I love the look it can give
a picture.

I was going to shot the tree then
in flew this guy. Made for a
more interesting pic.

Yes, there is a pond also. Dakota and I
walked down there and all these frogs
were jumping off into the water.

Just a cool shot!!


This shot reminds me of the
Little House on the Praire.

Found by the pond.

Love the gate. I looked far and wide
for a recycled one of these for
a trellis for flowers and finally
gave up for a baby bed spring.

It's a horse...
of course.

Okay, so to me anything makes a cool shot.

Even an old tire swing.

And the day comes to an end
with a sunset.

Thanks to Chris for inviting the KING
and I out to visit and get to know the
Had a nice time.
Thanks for dropping in,


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