Door Arrangement

Yesterday I blogged about the
door arrangement I made
for my front door.
~This one~
I noticed that it was a bit high up on
the door and I also had issues
with it being to thick and the screen
would push open when the door was
Mentioned this on FB
so when I got home yesterday
I had a gift waiting for me.
A pretty bag hanging on my
door knob.
It included this awesome large suction
cup to hold wreaths on the door.
And ....
a photo frame of my
fav kind of shoe
(flip flop)
in my fav color.

Now it hangs so pretty on my
screen door.
Thanks Karri. You are so sweet.
Now to figure out what pic to
put in the flip flop!!
Talking about flowers I wanted
to share these. 
Aren't they so pretty.
My mom finds amazing deals.
She got these flowers and another
batch (for her) the day after
Easter. Mom's had two purple candles
in hers, mine had the one
in the center (I removed it last night).
She picked them up at Kroger.
Original price was 19.99, marked
down (probably Easter day) to
9.99. But the day after Easter....
And they still look amazing
(took this photo last night) after
11 days. I noticed a daisy getting a
few brown spots on it but I am amazed
how pretty they still are.
Thanks Mom!
Thanks for stopping in,


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