Some Wildflowers, Plants and Trees of Standing Stone State Park in Tennessee

I spent the weekend in Stand Stone State Park
about a 2 hour drive from the house.
Never been there before but I loved it.
It was a learning weekend, the park held classes
for teaching different things like how to grow and
harvest mushrooms, photography, wildlife,
wildflowers and so much more.
I attended the photography since my friend
Theresa was teaching that and then
later the one about mushrooms.
and I don't even eat them!
But what I learned the most on was
wildflowers, Theresa and I went
out photographing them and thank goodness
she knew a bit more than me.
This is a Trillium before it blooms.
This is one species of Trillium.
Check out the long bloom on it.

Another type of Trillium. Bloom is a lot shorter.
More dark red.

Now here we have a yellow Trillium.

No clue. But they are not
far from blooming.

Bluebells. So pretty.

Also not a clue.

Yep....again, no clue.

Pennyroyal. I used to
use the liquid form of this and soak a cloth
covered rubber band in it, attached it
to my dogs collar and it helped to keep
fleas off of her.
That was many years ago.

You guessed this one correct....
no clue.

No clue.
But it does look like a form of violet.

Redbud tree against the blue sky on an
amazing day.

Another thing I learned which I had no idea
on, was that Redbuds come in different
types. See the one in the back....really
dark and the one in the front is lighter.
I looked them up and there are actually
4 different types. They did not tell you
which one was darker, they told you
which one came in what shape. Lost me

I love a Dogwood.
Just so happened to catch this fellow enjoying
a moment of rest on the branch.

Now he thinks he is hiding from me.

More wildflowers to come later.
Thank you for stopping in,


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