Dishes from the Past

Suntrust Bank was once known
as Third National Bank.
I started banking there when I was about
11 or 12.
I started making my money cutting
yards then moved onto babysitting.
Back to the
Third National offered a place setting
of two different pattern plates if you
put $50.00 in an existing account
or opened a new one putting $50.00 in.
I of course jumped on that.
I think I was about 16 or so then...
This is the pattern I picked.
The other one was blue.
Neighbors and friends were going and
getting place settings for me.
I think I ended up with about 8 at the
time. But since then I have acquired more
odds and ends from yard sales.

My mom did not start working till I was a Jr. in
high school so she would get me an extra
a week for cleaning, dusting and picking up after school.
That is how I got the gravy bowl,
casserole dish, salt and pepper shakes and more.
I used these pieces when I first married for a
few weeks then they were only used
at Christmas dinner....when I cooked!
Not done that in years so they have been
stored in the cabinet above the fridge.
Cleaning the kitchen last week, I decided
it was time to let go.
I did rethink that and decided that
I would keep and use about 10 plates, no
cups since they are so little
the serving bowls, casserole dish,
gray bowl and some other stuff...
but the rest was out of there.
Why keep it stored, get rid of what I don't
need and use the rest. Problem....that
was before microwaves, wonder if they
are micro safe?
Thanks for stopping in,


What sweet memories of how you acquired your pretty dishes. It's hard to let go of things we worked so hard for, but I'm sure they'll be loved. Thanks for stopping by:-)
Hi Pam, thanks for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog Little Brags (the post about hiding a thermostat in plain sight). I tried to reply to your comment directly but you come up as a non reply blogger (Google glitch). xoxoxo Christine
Gail Wilson said…
ohhh, that's a good question about microwaving on them :)

I hang onto everything. I'm so sentimental. I was shocked when you said you would let them go.

have a great weekend Pam!

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