This, That and the Other

I love the quotes that I find
on Facebook and Pinterest.
They have some cute ones.
I saw this today and it hit home. I am so
bad at putting things away to be able to
find them later only later
I have forgotten where I put it.
Anyone out there relate to this?
I have to laugh when I find quotes and they
relate to things that I have just
talked to someone about...
I had a conversation with my friend Theresa
lately about my memory and what all I
I tell everyone that I file things back in file
cabinets in my head. Some are really far
back there and it amazes me when I
pull knowledge out of there to share
and realize that I had to go far back to
find that knowledge!
But there are those times that the info goes
in and is never heard from again!

This one....oh my gosh this is
my two youngest grandkids (not really but
I can see it happening). I see that as
the three year old Braden in the fridge
and DJ to the left cheering him on.

But with that said. I have to admit
I love my boys.

Spring is still just around the corner, not really
here yet. I keep waiting.
But after the cold winter we have
had I can see lots of people
feeling this way!

this explains a lot.
I am trying to bring awareness to
It is real
It does exist
It is a major PAIN.

A friend tagged me on this on facebook...
Yep, that is Dakota, my dog, AKA

But he looks more like this.

Gotta love that face.
Today I wore a ring I found in
my jewelry box.
It is a mood ring so I wanted
to see what it would do today.
In the pic it is reading the amber color
and that means -
unsettled/mixed emotions.
Still reading that way an hour
At one point today it turned
Seems it never turns blue-
Calm, and relaxed...

Check out my red and white bracelet...
A woman in the office tied it on
me the other day and explained to
me what it was for.
Z (cause I can't say her name) is from
Bulgaria and this is a tradition
from there. She told me what the string
is called and of course I forgot.
But the jest of it is .....
by tying it on me it brings
her luck and when I see my
first tree, or flower in spring
bloom I am to put it on that bloom,
it will then bring me luck.

Speaking of SPRING
I can't wait.

And since I am planning (in my head)
a flower bed I want this to
climb up my trellis in the
And in PURPLE.

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