The Old Do and the New Do

When I was young I wore my hair
below my shoulders. It was
after having my first child that
I think I took to wearing it shorter.
Over the years, that shorter has gotten
even shorter!
Until June.
I started to let it grow.
Finally it was at a length that was
driving me nuts.
And since I don't like to spend
time on it I was debating on
cutting it off again.

Course you have to keep in mind that once upon
a time it was not as thin,
or gray for that matter.
and there was not anything
called a spiral perm.
This was full kink!

Oh to look back on that is so funny.
Last Thursday I headed to Heads
Up where Kelley works.
She has been cutting my hair for
a couple of years now.
It had been 21 years since I had curl in my
The internet was not even around
wow....things have changed!
So, here I am with a loose curl
in my hair.

Was still wet in this last pic.

At first I was not sure if I had
done the right thing....but the
way I look at that is...
if not, I can shave it!
Once again a look at the
perm in

Thanks for stopping in,


I LOVE the curls, especially the last pic (black t-shirt)

You look so spunky! :)


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