Mother Nature Has Been Frigid this Year

What is that?
On the radio this morning I heard that
Atlanta Ga. has had more snow than
we have had in Nashville this yr.
That is odd.
We have had COLD!
And yesterday
we had ICE!
I had my first snow day from work
this 2013-2014 winter yr yesterday!
But leaving for work today was a mess...
on my car!
It took over 20 mins for the ice to melt with the
defrost on full blast!
My windshield

Back window

I know it looks like a coating of snow but
it is ice, or better yet ice pellets.

Slick out so I counted
this as a snow day!

I only got out around the porch to
shoot pics and fill up the birdfeeder.



I did have to get out and write a special
note in the ice pellets for my
great nephew Cole!
He turned 3 yesterday!!
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
Jamie took off on Monday too. She said yesterday as she was driving home, the trees were still shiny, but when she got home she was happy that her porch and deck were finally clear.

Ice is pretty, but it sure is dangerous!

I haven't been out in 2 days because of the ice and snow (and plus I didn't have anywhere I wanted to go)
With warm weather coming this week, I hope to work on projects even though I know I'll still have ice and snow hanging around the driveway.
hope your week is going well Pam!

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