Cole's Birthday Party

Cole turned 3 years old the other day.
Cole is my great nephew.
This is his aunt Jessica.
My niece.
He has a ball with her.

Sliding alone.

This is Cole and Jessica again
with Jessica's mom and Cole's
grandma, Lori.

Cole's mommy in the dark hair and
her best friend.

My nephew Cobi.
And his array of faces.

Lori again.

My brother AKA Santa!
Wow...there were a lot of children at
the party for Cole to play with but
I was not comfortable posting
their pics in my blog.

Time for the CAKE!
Monsters Ink.
Not sure when he got the icing
on his face but I think he
must have sampled it before hand..

Daddy scooping ice cream...
Cards from Granny (my mom) and
I with....shhhh, a surprise in them.
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