Bi-Poplar Mother Nature

Nashville TN., has not seen a winter
like this in sometime.
Not a lot of snow, but we
have had flurries, rain and
Cold and freezing one day, in
the 60's the next then the next down
to 5 degrees.
Bi-Poplar Mother Nature.
Time for meds.
Each time a front comes in bringing
cold temps my head gets a bit fuzzy.
This last time, it got.
Even Dakota is not liking it.
Monday after being at mom's all
Laying on the couch,
Tuesday (yesterday), him and
I at home.
I had so much sinus pressure
that my head felt like it would
blow off.
So this is how we spent the day.

And I was doing all I could to
get me feeling better.
Sudafed for the pressure,
pain relief for the headache,
VICs to help me breathe,
Cough drops for the hacking,
Snot rags for blowing and
GERM X for after I blow.

Later Dakota who always stays by my
side when I am sick got scooped up in my
arms, blanket and all.
He hates being that close, and he
really don't like you in his space or
face....but he laid here for
about 10 minutes.
I was impressed!

Today, back at work. Pressure
gone, slight headache,
sneezing, coughing and
blowing still but
I feel better without the pressure.
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
I'm so over winter! I just want it to go away!!!!!

glad you're feeling better, I hope you continue on to have a full recovery very soon!!


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