A Couple of Concerts from the Past

Back in December I did a post
of going to see Donny
and Marie Osmond.
I was so excited.
I had not seen an Osmond in
concert since 1976...
Yep, that was some time ago!
These pics were taking in 1976.
I had a hard time getting someone that
would go with me so my brother, 2 yrs
older than me went to take pics.
Thanks Ray cause today I
still have these to go with my

If you can't tell I was a DONNY fan. There
are more pics of the brothers and Marie but
these are the most important.
Now take a look at this next pic...
My tickets from those past concerts.
All three concerts cost me $7.00!
The concert I went to in December cost
me right at $100.00.
Wow, big change through the years.
Was not much a concert goer but I have
been to a few.
Dr. Hook 1979!
LOVED this group.

I have also seen Cher, Tim McGraw, ELO,
and several more....
But non any better than Donny.
Thanks for stopping in,


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